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30 / 50 Miles Saturday
30 / 50 Miles Sunday
Introductory Ride Both Days!

Introducing a fun, no frills, endurance ride at Wood Guest Ranch.
Experience the ideal weekend outing. The SE Oklahoma area, where Wood Guest Ranch is located, normally experiences mild weather in the spring, and Wood Guest Ranch provides easy trails to ride. The access roads to Wood Guest Ranch camp are paved except for the last ¼ mile, making getting to the camp easy. The campground is horse-friendly with pens, wash-racks, RV hookups, showers and laundry facilities. Dogs on leash are welcomed. Remember, for ecological maintenance concerns: Pack it in, Pack it out.

All breeds and genders of equines are welcome and encouraged. Equines must be at least 48 months of age to enter the limited distance ride and at least 60 months of age to enter the endurance ride. The trail is nicely mowed, fairly flat but does have areas with rocks. Shoes or other hoof protection is recommended. All veterinarian (vet) checks are in camp. There is water in camp so there is no need for you to haul water to the vet examination area.

Start: Each day, the 50-mile ride will start at 6:00 AM, and the 30-mile ride will start at 6:30 AM. The Introductory ride will start at 7:00 AM

Ride Fees: Regular: 50 Miles: $85.00 each day. 30 Miles: $75.00 each day.
Juniors (<16) $25 Intro Ride: $35
Non-AERC members add $15 for each category entered.

Ride Manager: Kelly Chapman, 580-271-1048 woodsguestranch@yahoo.com

For your convenience, you may pay online, or Mail entry form and check (payable to: Wood Guest Ranch) to:
Kelly Chapman
PO Box 172
Boswell, OK 74727 telephone: 580-271-1048

Call Kelly (580-271-1048) to reserve RV and camper hookups and to reserve stalls and/or paddock space.
In case of inclement weather: CALL BEFORE YOU HAUL

DIRECTIONS: Boswell, Oklahoma is located between Durant and Hugo on hwy70 (east from Durant). Wood Guest Ranch is 4 miles northwest of Boswell.

Driving from Durant: From Durant, take Hwy 70 east toward Boswell. After about 30 miles, turn north (left) onto Rd 4010 at the Wood Guest Ranch sign. Proceed about 4 miles to E2020 Road. Turn west (left) on E2020 Road at the next Wood Guest Ranch sign (on the left) and go ¼ mile. Wood Guest Ranch is on the right at the marked gate. DO NOT USE YOUR GPS! You will end up at the wrong location!

NOTICE: Current negative Coggins papers dated within 12 months of ride date, must be presented for all equines in Camp. Additionally, the State of Oklahoma requires health papers dated within 30 days of the ride for all out-of-state equines.

Rider Information
Name: ____________________________________
AERC #_________________
OCER Mbr: Yes No
Address: _________________________________________________________
E-mail: ___________________________ Phone: _______________________

Weight Division (includes tack)
Please circle one:
Junior (<16 on 01/01/2016)
Featherweight (0-160) pounds
Lightweight (161-185) pounds
Middleweight (186-210) pounds
Heavyweight (211-above) pounds
Note: JUNIORS wishing to ride as seniors must present a letter from AERC stating that said junior meets the age and mileage requirements. A parent or guardian signature is required even if riding in the correct weight division.

Equine Information:
Name: _____________________________________________
Age: ___________
AERC No: _________
Breed: ___________________________
Color: __________________
Owner: _____________________________________________
A negative Coggins test is required for all horses.
DATE of Test: _____________________________________
_________ test verification papers checked (initial of Ride Manager: Kelly Chapman)

Please select ride and distance for entry:
Entry fee: Regular: 50 Miles $85.00; 30 Miles $75.00
Junior: $25
Intro ride $35.00
AERC Non-Member: $15.00
_____ 50 Miles _____ 30 Miles _____ Intro Ride

Entry fee from above $___________
AERC Non-Member $___________ (waived for Intro ride)
TOTAL $___________
Check #________________________
Credit Card Type _______ #________________________

1. As a participant in the Wood Guest Ranch Endurance Ride, I agree to abide by the rules of AERC, OCER and the Wood Guest Ranch Endurance Ride.

2. I understand that equine animals can be excitable, difficult to control, unpredictable and that accidents can randomly occur. I hereby absolve/hold harmless Wood Guest Ranch, its agents, employees, owners and other associates from any liability with regard to such accidents which might happen/occur to me or my party.

3. I further agree to be fully responsible for my animals, equipment, other property and for myself. I hereby hold harmless Wood Guest Ranch, American Endurance Ride Conference, Ride Management, Ride Volunteers, Ozark Country Endurance Riders, and their agents, employees, owners, or other associates for any accident, injury, or related loss that might occur to me or my party resulting from my participation in the endurance ride.

4. I understand that if I conduct myself (or encourage conduct in others) in an unsafe, disrespectful, unsportsmanlike or other unacceptable manner, as determined by the Ride Manager, in her sole discretion, while participating in this ride, I will be disqualified/eliminated from the ride and expelled from the property of Wood Guest Ranch.

5. I agree to wear a safety helmet in a proper manner anytime I am mounted on an equine animal while at the Wood Guest Ranch Endurance Ride, or, I will sign a specific liability waiver related to not wearing a safety helmet.

6. My signature below evidences/acknowledges that I have read and fully understand this release.

Participant: Signature: ____________________________________________ date: ___________________
Printed or typed name: __________________________________

I further understand and acknowledge the following:

1. Participant understands there are INHERENT RISKS in and around equine activities. These are dangers or conditions that are an integral part of equine activities, including but not limited to: the propensity of an equine animal to behave in ways that may result in injury or harm or the death of persons around the equine: including bucking, biting, kicking, rearing, shying, falling, or stepping on; the unpredictability of an equine’s reaction to such things as medications, sounds; sudden movement, unfamiliar objects, persons or other animals; hazards, such as surface and subsurface ground conditions collisions with other equines or objects; or the potential of another participant to not maintain control over the equine or to not act within the person’s ability , and/or act in a negligent manner.

2. PARTICIPANT EXPRESSLY ASSUMES RESPONSIBILITY FOR ALL RISKS INVOLVED IN OR ARISING FROM PARTICIPANT’S USE OF OR PRESENCE UPON WOOD GUEST RANCH PROPERTY AND FACILITIES including, without limitation but not limited to: the risks of death, bodily injury, property damage, falls, kicks, bites, collisions with vehicles, horses or stationary objects, fire or explosion, the unavailability of emergency medical care, and/or the negligence and/or deliberate act of another person.

3. Participant agrees to hold WOOD GUEST RANCH and all successors, assigns, subsidiaries, franchisees, affiliates, officers, directors employees and agents completely harmless and liable, and releases them from all liability whatsoever, and AGREES NOT TO PURSUE LEGAL ACTION (SUE) them because of, or in connection with, any claims, causes of action, injuries, damages, costs or expenses arising out of Participant’s use of, or presence on, WOOD GUEST RANCH property and facilities, including without limitation, those based on death, bodily injury, property damage, including consequential damages.

4. Participant agrees to waive any protection afforded by any statute or law in any jurisdiction whose purpose, substance and/or effect is to provide that this release shall not extend to any participant activity related claims.

5. Participant agrees to indemnify and defend WOOD GUEST RANCH against, and hold harmless from, any and all claims, causes of action, damages, judgments, costs or expenses, including attorneys’ fees, which in any way arises from Participant’s use of, or presence upon the WOOD GUEST RANCH property and facilities.

6. Participant agrees to abide by all of WOOD GUEST RANCH rules and regulations, and Participant is responsible for using protective e gear; i.e. hard hat and boots.

7. Participant will abide by any legal directives given by the Ride Manager or staff while participating in the endurance ride.

NOTICE: Under Oklahoma law, an equine activity sponsor or Equine Professional is not liable for injury to, or the death of, a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risk of equine activities.

Participant: Signature: ____________________________________________ date: ___________________
Printed or typed name: __________________________________
If under 18, printed or typed name of Child: _____________________________________________

I hereby grant permission for Wood Guest Ranch Ride Management to secure emergency medical treatment for me or my party if I am unable to do so myself.
Participant: Signature: ____________________________________________ date: ___________________
Printed or typed name: __________________________________
If under 18, printed or typed name of Child: _____________________________________________

Emergency contact person: ___________________________________
Contact person phone number: ___________________________________
Rider Number
Allergies / Medical Conditions / Insurance information: _________________________________________________

Participant agrees that WOOD GUEST RANCH, and/or its affiliates, owns all pictures, video, audio, representations and other media related to, and resulting from, the endurance ride, and has sole authority to use such for the purposes of, but not limited to, marketing, advertisement, publicity, entertainment, commercial activity or other business purposes.
Participant: Signature: ____________________________________________ date: ___________________
Printed or typed name: __________________________________
If under 18, printed or typed name of Child: _____________________________________________