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Learn the "Whys" and "Why Nots" of horse training. When coming to a clinic with Michael, he is going to provide you with your very own program that will allow you to reach the goals that you desire. Each clinic is tailored to the horse and riders needs. Come and expect to RIDE!

Michael firmly believes in giving each rider the tools they need to put the pieces together in their training. You should not expect your learning to end when the clinic is over! Each person will be prepared to take the exercises they have learned and be able to apply them to other horses, or to continue to perfect them on the horse they rode.

This clinic is taught in a 3 Day format, to allow each rider the time to really begin to become confident in their maneuvers and reach a better understanding of the exercises.
Come expecting to learn!
In hand bridle work.
How to apply the bridle work to the saddle.
How to fully engage the hind end and shoulders in your riding.
How to speed up and slow down each piece of your horse.
Getting a more relaxed horse at the walk, trot, and lope.
Teaching the horse responsiveness to your cues.
Better stops.
How to get nice and crisp transitions.
Softness to the bridle.
Learning how to properly use your reins and legs while riding.
How to obtain nice circles at all gaits.
Problem Solving.

This is the basic overlay of Horsemanship Clinics, but they are certainly not limited to this.

Each Day will start at 9:30am and run until sometime around 5:00pm. An hour lunch break will be provided at noon.
The first day will consist of a small group meeting to get to know everyone and to discuss what each individual is looking to get out of the clinic. Michael will then ask everyone to warm up as they generally do so that he can assess each persons riding levels and begin to create a program for you and your horse.

Riding fee is $550 with a $150 deposit.
Auditing fee is $25 per day.

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